Paramedic program provides online classes

3007Daniel Garcia

Students interested in a career in the field of paramedics would do well to look into the new online program available at Crowder.

The program, launched in June, is one of the few in the nation, and is an experiment to provide paramedic training in both traditional and online classes.

The classes are designed with the goal of training students to become qualified paramedics, with the online classes being more suited for those with a busy schedule.

“The online program is much more convenient for those with very hectic schedules,” said Kristin Spencer, paramedic program director. “Students involved in the online classes can work at their own rate, which can make it easier for those who have jobs, families, and other classes.”

According to Spencer, the online classes are much more difficult than the traditional classes, requiring a large amount of dedication and work.
There are also a number of requirements that must be considered before signing up for the classes.

“Students need to be a national trained EMT of two years, as well as pass an interview process and a writing sample over topics that an EMT should know,” said Spencer. “They also need to meet the tuition costs, which is about a total fee of $4,950, which includes the costs for books, uniforms and liability.”

In addition to local students, the program will also play host to a number of international students.

The program is offered both online and on campus. Many international students participate in the program, according to Spencer.

International students will spend one semester on campus, where they will interact with the local students, according to Spencer.

She also said that the students will be taking part in an open house on campus in mid-January, where they will be able to meet and interact with the general public.

The program has been a help to many students interested in becoming paramedics.

“Having this program in place has helped me immensely” said Jared Laster, a paramedic in training, “It’s provided me a way to receive paramedic training and education without having to leave the area”.